Don’t just promote your top talent.

Invest in their growth as leaders.

Good employees don’t always make great managers.

Empower your top talent to lead with purpose.

There’s a lot at stake when high-performing employees are promoted to leaders — they become the ones responsible for creating and maintaining your company culture.

The problem is, newly-promoted leaders are often expected to “learn on the job.”

This system has brought us to where we are now: where employee burnout, mental health concerns, increased wage demands, and terms like the “Great Resignation” and “quiet quitting” are increasingly common.

That’s where Lead Vantage can help. Our customized training and coaching programs are designed to equip emerging leaders with the skills they need to succeed in their new roles. From communication and conflict resolution to team-building and emotional intelligence, we cover all the personal and professional skills that make a leader successful.

With Lead Vantage’s training and coaching, your leaders can unlock their full potential and become the driving force behind a high-performing, thriving organization.


We’re in it to win it, with you.

In a world where most training is forgotten within days, we help you make lasting change.

Too often, companies invest in expensive training programs that fail to deliver results. Even though the training is fun and engaging, there is no lasting impact.

At Lead Vantage, we do things differently. Our unique combination of customized, ongoing training, real-world problem-solving, and supportive coaching are designed to create lasting change and ensure that your investment pays off.

Behaviour change takes more than just a one-off approach. We offer new perspectives, challenge you and your team, and stretch all of you so you can build the fortitude to overcome any challenge and build a team that is in it with you for the long haul, and every step of the way.

Undeniable Impact

“Our partnership with Lead Vantage since 2022 has been a winning strategy! They have provided invaluable leadership training for our firm’s Partners, Directors, and Managers enabling our leaders to finesse and execute their leadership skills. Lead Vantage’s tailored approach addressed our specific challenges, equipping us with essential skills to navigate change, build trust, and foster a strong workplace culture. In addition, their one-on-one coaching has supported our team in applying learnings in the workplace, and further enhance our culture of accountability and commitment. The significance of their impact has been undeniable, and we continue to work with them to empower our leaders. Thank you, Lead Vantage, for your unwavering support and guidance.”

Managing Partner ,
Vancouver Island Law Firm

Supported through the process of change

[Sofia] will hold you accountable while listening objectively and provide clarity on what matters most. Her coaching has progressed my career and has helped me hone leadership skills to better manage, lead, and work alongside others. I look forward to our continued partnership.”

Senior Manager,

Succeeding and Thriving

“A number of years ago, I found that while I was working long hours, my hard work was not translating into my long-term vision for my practice trajectory.  With Linda’s very capable assistance and guidance… we were able to repurpose my efforts and, today, I have a successful and thriving practice which meets and indeed surpasses my expectations.

James Kondopolous,
Partner Roper Greyell LLP

Positive Impact

“Thank you Sofia and Linda for providing such an effective leadership training program. The knowledge you’ve shared since day one has positively impacted my day to day approach both at and outside of Smythe.”

Gagan Ahluwalia,
Senior Manager, Smythe CPA

Support You Can Count On

“I appreciate that Linda brings practical and proven ideas and concepts to our coaching sessions. Linda encourages me to focus on current and long-term goals, helping me to strategically map out my progress to ensure success and fulfillment for both myself and my employer.

Christina Barszczewski,
Director of Finance & Talent, BKS Law

Caring. Helpful. Intuitive.

“Being on the receiving end of her coaching has brought about a greater sense of clarity and direction to drive results as a leader. She has demonstrated unwavering support and positivity, creating a platform that allowed for robust dialogue to establish goals and work towards actualizing them.”

Stephen Torr,
Manager, BKS Law

Improved Interactions

“Sofia and Linda were great. I learned a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses and how I may be perceived when working with others and how I can adapt to use my skill set more effectively.”

Devon Ohlhauser,
Senior Manager, Smythe CPA

Wonderful and Engaging

“Without her [Sofia] guidance I would not have been able to transition into my current role as an HR manager as smoothly as I have. Sofia is not only a great resource but an amazing coach who I have learned so much from! She takes the time to really understand your needs and where you’re looking to develop your skills and helps make a plan based on your individual requirements.”

Sonia Randhawa,
HR Manager, Randhawa Farms Ltd.


“Sofia and Linda are awesome in providing the training via real life examples and by making the content interesting and engaging.”

Varinder Chahal,
Manager, Manning Elliott

Customized Tools to Grow

The course is more engaging and customized compared to other courses out there. Sofia and Linda are passionate about the topics and connected directly with each of us. The course has given me the tools to grow into the leader I want to be.”

Jeevan Tiwana,
Manager, Manning Elliott

Effective Teamwork

The training has overall changed my perspective on working with people. I consciously think about the different traits each individual exhibits naturally from this training. This helps me work more effectively with my teams.”

Richmond Tete-Archer,
Manager, Manning Elliott

Advice You Can Put to Action

“Linda & Sofia did a great job of creating an interactive environment for discussion, and gave us practical advice that we can put into action.”

Alex Wong,
Partner/Owner, Smythe CPA

The Lead Vantage Team

You’ve built a strong business. Ready for the next step?

At Lead Vantage, we use our extensive background in HR, operations, strategy, and finance to bring real benefits to your business.

Through our shared knowledge, we line up your team’s hard work with your organization’s strategic goals to help you reach new heights.

We develop training that’s tailored to your specific needs, integrating real-world business expertise into the materials and coaching sessions.

We also come from a place of authenticity and trust. We share our stories of wins and losses, creating a learning atmosphere where your team feels safe to grow.

Together, we can help you build a stronger team and a more supportive and engaged work culture. 


Linda Lucas, Partner

Drawing on 25 years of leadership experience in finance, operations, and strategy, Linda Lucas empowers companies to unlock their potential. Her approach helps build robust teams and cultivates a thriving work culture.

Linda is skilled at coaching and developing customized workshops and training programs for a variety of industries. She collaborates with her clients to develop training that’s tailored to their specific needs, integrating real-world business expertise into the materials and coaching sessions. Linda provides practical guidance, always aligning her work with the company’s strategy to ensure sustainable success.

Sofia Arisheh, Partner

Sofia Arisheh is a certified HR strategist, coach, leader, and educator with over 15 years of extensive experience in multiple sectors. She specializes in aligning HR strategy with business strategy, focusing on employee-centric approaches to drive better business results.

Sofia helps businesses build stronger teams and foster supportive work environments through training and coaching. She is known for designing and delivering practical and engaging training workshops and is well-versed in HR, talent management, employee engagement, and learning and development. 


Valuable, actionable insights

“Linda and Sofia from Lead Vantage recently led a 1-hour presentation to our network of senior leaders on strategies to address high employee turnover and labour shortages–timely information for leaders in the current labour climate. With their background and expertise, Lead Vantage offered a balanced and informative session that combined facts and practical strategies to improve leadership and company culture.

They started with some eye-opening statistics about Canada’s workforce and turnover rates followed by four clear strategies that leaders can use to reduce turnover and improve their company’s culture.

From the beginning of our initial conversations to the presentation day itself, Linda and Sofia at Lead Vantage were well-prepared and professional. They broke down a big topic while also presenting in a way that allowed attendees to retain key takeaways. We received immediate, positive feedback from attendees after the event that they found the content was high-value and provided them with actionable insights they could start to implement in the organizations they lead.

We see Lead Vantage as a valuable partner in our mission to change how organizations are structured, with a focus on people. We look forward to working together in the future!”

Tandem Innovation Group Inc.


Lead with Purpose

Intentionally training your leaders can mean the difference between a high-performing team that loves their job, and a group of burnt-out, disengaged employees who can’t wait to bolt for the door.

Discover how Lead Vantage’s customized training can unlock the power of your people.

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