Impact Players: How to Take the Lead, Play Bigger, and Multiply Your Impact by Liz Wiseman

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In the realm of professional growth and development, the concept of “impact players” stands out as a beacon of excellence. Leadership expert Liz Wiseman defines the term impact players as individuals who consistently make a significant difference in their teams and organizations.

But what sets these impact players apart from the rest? Let’s delve into their transformative mindset and the actionable steps to cultivate it.

The Benefit Mindset

At the core of the impact player philosophy lies the benefit mindset. Rather than solely focusing on personal gain or advancement, impact players prioritize the greater good. They approach challenges with an unwavering commitment to adding value and driving positive outcomes for their team and organization. This mindset fosters collaboration and cultivates a culture of mutual support and growth.

Opportunity Goggles

One distinctive trait of impact players is their ability to don “opportunity goggles.” Unlike conventional lenses that may magnify obstacles or setbacks, and these goggles enable individuals to see beyond immediate challenges and recognize hidden opportunities for growth and innovation. Here are five ways impact players leverage their opportunity goggles:

1. Do the Job That is Needed

Instead of being confined by job descriptions or titles, impact players willingly take on tasks outside their traditional roles to address emerging needs and fill gaps within their teams.

2. Step Up and Step Back

They intuitively know when to take the lead and when to empower others, always striking a delicate balance between assertiveness and humility to maximize team effectiveness.

3. Finish Stronger

Even in the face of adversity or setbacks, impact players exhibit resilience and determination, therefore rallying themselves and their teammates to finish projects with excellence and integrity.

4. Ask and Adjust

Rather than clinging to rigid plans or assumptions, and they embrace feedback and proactively adapt their approach based on evolving circumstances, ensuring continuous improvement and innovation.

5. Make Work Light

Impact players infuse joy and energy into their work environments through their positive attitude and contagious enthusiasm, typically inspiring others to tackle challenges with optimism and creativity.

Developing the Impact Player Mindset

While embodying the traits of an impact player may seem like an innate gift, it is, in fact, a mindset that can be cultivated and nurtured over time. Here’s how:

1. Increase Your Impact

Challenge yourself to consistently seek opportunities to add value and make a meaningful difference in your team and organization. Whether it’s volunteering for new projects or mentoring colleagues, every action contributes to your impact.

2. Build a High-Impact Team

Recognize and celebrate each team member’s unique strengths and contributions, fostering a culture of collaboration and collective achievement. By harnessing the diverse talents within your team, you can amplify your collective impact.

3. Play All In

Embrace a wholehearted commitment to your goals and aspirations, channelling your passion and dedication into every endeavour. You unleash your potential to become a true impact player by fully immersing yourself in your work and relationships.

The journey to becoming an impact player begins with adopting a benefit mindset and embracing the opportunity goggles that enable you to see and seize opportunities for growth and innovation. Through intentional effort and a commitment to excellence, you can cultivate the mindset and habits of an impact player, leaving a legacy of positive change and transformation in your wake.

Embracing a mindset focused on benefits and stepping into the role of an impactful leader offers boundless advantages for both personal career growth and organizational success. These principles demand dedication, mindfulness, and consistency. At Lead Vantage, we’re passionate about collaborating with forward-thinking organizations committed to elevating their teams, fostering heightened engagement, and cultivating happiness and well-being in the workplace.

If your organization aligns with these aspirations, we’re eager to partner with you. Let’s explore how we can empower your team to become influential contributors. Reach out to us at to initiate a conversation about propelling your team toward impactful leadership and sustainable success.

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Linda Lucas

Linda Lucas

Linda Lucas brings 25+ years of experience in finance, operations, and strategy to the table. Her expertise lies in coaching, mentoring, and facilitating programs that empower and increase collaboration.

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